La Costo 

La Costo is specialized in made to measure business formal and casual dress wear, for men and women in a very short time.


We offer efficient services, custom tailored wear, fully customized to individual taste in a very wide range of top quality materials and colours. From silks, linens, cottons, wool, cashmere and more in the latest fashions from top designers.


More than 25 years La Costo is working with customers all over Europe. 

We count politicians, dipolomats, doctors, lawyers and artists among our clients. 



Visit La Costo to express your own style and individuality. We have a wide range of the latest styles, from the classics to the ultra modern.

We offer you custom tailored men and women wear for all occassions.


Send us your ideas, of how you would like to have your custom made suit, shirt, trousers, jacket, smoking suit or dress, costume and blouse. In case you are a new customer, send your personal pictures with measurements.


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